Feb 2011:

During major festivities like Chinese New Year, neglected and lonely people especially the elderly are particularly vulnerable to depression and suicides.  Overwhelmed with compassion, Giving Bread distributed breads, Nian Gao and lai see packs almost everyday for two weeks during Chinese New Year holiday period.  Visited cage homes, elderly homes, elderly housing estates, homeless shelters and nursery centers.  Also gave bread and laisee packs to elderly sitting in the cold in the public parks and outdoor areas.

Jan 2011:

Giving Bread featured in WOM Guide.

Jan 2011:

Received the largest donation from a single donor: >3,000 croissants from FB Solutions, thanks to the boss Etienne Gad!  They were given to elderly homes in Shatin, Yuen Long, Sham Shui Po and various elderly nursery care centers in New Territories.

Jan 2011:

Several new bread donors came on board including several major restaurant groups.  Praise the Lord!

Jan 2011:

Giving Bread invited to a radio show with renowned pastry Chef and author Gregoire Michaud to talk about how to reduce food wastage in Hong Kong and help feed the needy.  Chef Gregoire gave Giving Bread her first professional bread cutting knife!  Thank you!

Dec 2010:

Special Christmas message and packaging for Christmas goodies for the elderly.  Breads and cookies.  Out of town friends on holidays here volunteered in distribution.

Dec 2010:

Visited cage home.  Witnessed first-hand how humans live in conditions much worse than domestic dogs, and yet the rents are the highest per square foot in Hong Kong, possibly even the world!  Heart broken and grieved at the plight of these poor neglected elderly.

Nov 2010:

Discussion with Four Seasons Hotel for its donation of breads and pastries to Giving Bread!  Credit goes to Pastry Chef Gregoire Michaud for believing in it and pushing all the red tapes to make it happened!

Sep 2010:

Founder of Giving Bread went on solo distributions of breads to housing estates and public parks in Shau Kei Wan.  Apprehensive in the beginning, but very humbled and emotional after the distribution.  To receive is humility.

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