20 May 2024: We are grateful to friends and supporters who are frequent travellers and have surplus airline pouches and hotel amenties, which make excellent gifts for homeless and street cleaners!

11 May 2024: Running Bread in Norway, giving out packs of goodies (fruits, hard boiled eggs, breads, coffee packs etc) to the homeless and beggars

7 May 2024: Running Bread in Sweden, distributing food to the marginalised, especially elderly migrant ladies

4 May 2024: Running Bread in London, giving out goodies to homeless and beggars

17 April 2024: Face masks and Covid test kits continue to be in demand, especially by elderlies who take public transportations, and also for residents in hostels for street sleepers

5 March 2024: In our bread distribution, we minister the love of Christ not only to the recipients but also to the volunteers and bread donors. We pray for our beloved city.

14 Feb 2024: Thank God for His provisions of laisee red packets and hot mailboxes for 150 elderlies living in Tuen Mun!

10 Feb 2024: Blessed Lunar New Year! As per our annual tradition, we co-hosted a Chinese New Year banquet at a nursing home, bringing lots of festive goodies such as puddings, turnip cakes, butterfly cookies, sesame balls, mandarin oranges, egg tarts, and laisee red packs! We sang songs, prayed, feasted and gave thanks for all blessings

2 Feb 2024: Distribution of Chinese New Year goodies such as gift packs and traditional puddings to cardboard collectors, street merchants, janitors and families in low income

29 Dec 2023: A privilege to have meetings with various ministries in the South Eastern part of Ethiopia near Somalia, and encouraged to witness the progress and works with lives transformed

25 Dec 2023: Blessed the beautiful Ethiopians with Christmas gifts

20 Dec 2023: Running Bread in Ethiopia, distribution of essential items such as toiletries to the tribes and homeless

11 Nov 2023: We noticed that there is still demand for face masks and Covid RAT test kits in certain places such as nursing homes and hostels for street sleepers; hence we encourage those with surplus supplies to donate to us before these medical kits expire.

3 Nov 2023: Amongst the homeless we visit, we are seeing a trend: more foreigners, female and younger. Several were musicians who lost their jobs during Covid. We encourage them to look for jobs and offer to help them to apply for bed space in homeless shelters.

12 Oct 2023: We visit elderlies living alone in low income housing estates, bringing goodies as well as checking on their well being as well as the condition of their apartments to see if there is any repair need post back-to-back typhoon and torrential rain in our city. We also tested the emergency bell to ensure it worked and encourage those without it to install.

5 Oct 2023: As we continue to receive surplus mooncakes, we distribute them to the tenacious cardboard collectors, street merchants and janitors.

2 Oct 2023: We conclude two weeks’ long of Mid Autumn events with low income families, visiting nursing homes with mooncakes, songs and games! There is so much joy among the grandpas and grandmas.

22 Sept 2023: As per our annual campaign, we are urging the city to reduce wastage of Mid Autumn mooncakes and began to collect surplus mooncakes from friends, friends of friends and corporations. Let’s reduce waste and pass the blessings to the marginalised.

20 Sept 2023: Oxfam Hong Kong reports that the city’s poverty rate reached 20% in first quarter 2023: over 1.36 million lived in poverty with median household income of HK$ 2,300 (US$ 300). Wealth gap between the rich and poor hits record high of 57.7 times. Automation in low skill functions such as supermarket cashier and order-taking results in rising unemployment amongst the low income, with 1.1 million economically inactive. There has also been a rise in elderly living alone in subdivided flats and hence a need for assistance care.

Oxfam recommended authorities to set rent control for subdivided flats, enhance child-care services to encourage mothers into workforce and provide more part-time jobs for these families.
10 Aug 2023: Heartwarming to see multi-generation volunteers joining our acts of love and service, including senior parents and young children!

1 Sept 2023: We like to incorporate basic exercises in our visits to nursing homes, helping to improve flexibility and release good serotonin. They are fun and full of laughs too.

3 Aug 2023: A fun educational excursion to the magnificent HK Palace Museum with sweet seniors (80 to 90+ years old!) who rarely have the resources to get out of their housing estates. After explaining to them the historical background of the various antiquities, they each received gift packs as well as safe transportation home on a private bus. Thanks be to God for a superbly enjoyable and smooth outing.

30 July 2023: Hong Kong saw 1,080 suicide deaths in 2022, according to the latest data released by the Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong, hitting a record high since 2007. 44% of the suicides involved adults 60 years old and older, breaking the record in 1973. Men took up 676 cases, and women took up 404 cases. The suicide rate stood at 14.73, meaning 14.7 people in every 100,000 took their own lives.

27 July 2023: They said: “it’s been a long time since I own a watch.” Such joyful gratitude for the practical gifts, thank you for our supporter for donating the unused goodies kept in the drawers! Let’s clear our closets and pass the blessings to others

22 July 2023: Running Bread in Georgia, distributing breads to beggars and homeless there

17 June 2023: Face masks continue to be in demand, as the flu cases shot up and elderly are cautious

26 May 2023: Our homeless friends living in an underground pass have received eviction notification from the government. We spoke to several of them who worried they have no place to lie down at night. Our hearts go to them

15 May 2023: The city’s volatile weather of alternate extreme heat and torrential rain add stress to those making a hard living outdoors. Our prayers to them

7 May 2023: We kick-start our week-long special Mother’s Day celebrations with special events and givings

8 May 2023: Distribution of vanity packs filled with high quality hotel toiletries and accessories to the female cardboard collectors and street cleaners, reminding them that they are lovely and deserved to be pampered

10 May 2023: As per our Mother’s Day tradition, we like to purchase flowers from the florists in the markets owned by elderly women, giving them businesses, and then distribute the carnations to ladies in low income and minimum wage

12 May 2023: Bringing goodies to nursing homes, such joy!

14 May 2023: Blessed Mother’s Day! A special thanksgiving prayers for all women, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends

12 May 2023: Based on a study conducted by Hong Kong University’s psychiatry department on a radnom sampling of 3.340 youngsters aged 15 to 24 from 2019 to 2022, one in six have some degree of mental issue. Prevalent cause include major depressive disorders, bipolar, anxiety and panic attacks. Depression is the most common ailment. Main reasons cited are the lack of private space and family relationships. 20% of teenagers had suicidal thoughts in the last 12 months and 75% of the sufferers do not feel psychiatric treatment.

27 March 2023: We are grateful to establish friendships with several of the familiar faces we meet on the streets, as they humbly wait for the bread of life

14 Feb 2023: We love because He first loves us. Blessed Valentine’s day! Gift packs of chocolates and cookies for orphans and children of low income and in orphanages, as well as love packs for the workers and volunteers. May the love of Christ permeate to all

11 Feb 2023: South China Morning Post reports that Police has arrested the alleged ringleader (known as “Queen of Temple Street”) of a human trafficking syndicate that lured Thai women with fake job prospects and then forced them into prostitution in Yau Ma Tei. She is believed to control over 5 brothels, using her daughter’s name to rent premises inorder to engage in the nefarious activities. Temple Street is one of the areas Giving Bread ministers in the past 13 years and we are encouraged to see glimmers of light over darkness!

5 Feb 2023: Blessed to bring festive joy to the lonely elders with goodies and gifts such as socks beanie hats and slippers, keeping them warm and loved

30 Jan 2023: Thank to those who donated their surplus Chinese New Year goodies so we can bless others, Reduce waste, help the marginalised

27 Jan 2023: Grateful to distribute 200 laisee red packs (each with Supermarket vouchers) to low income families, cardboard collectors, caretakers in elderly homes, residents in homeless shelters, and the less fortunate

22 Jan 2023: We celebrated Chinese New Year with two weeks’ long events of Lunar New Year celebrations in nursing homes, bringing sweet and savoury puddings as well as fruits and traditional snacks, We rejoice that these gatherings have returned after a break for 3 years due to Covid

18 Jan 2023: We took disabled children (physical and mental) to the Chinese New Year flower market in Victoria Park, basking under the sun with cool breeze, blessing these little angels. Glad to see these excursions are returning!

10 Jan 2023: Covid 19 pandemic has seriously affected the mental well being of Hong Kong. According to a survey, the overall happiness index of Hong Kong in 2022 is 5.6 (out of 10), ranking it as the lowest in Asia Pacific. Among all age groups, the post 90s and 2000s are the most pessimistic about life in Hong Kong

2 Jan 2023: Blessed New Year! Giving Bread volunteered in a food kitchen in Albania, one of the poorest countries in Europe. Peeling onions and food preparation for the low income and marginalised, cooking hearty meals which warmed their bodies and souls

25 Dec 2022: Blessed Christmas! Giving Bread volunteered in a homeless day centre in Zagreb, Croatia, making cards for the homeless and contributed to Christmas presents

20 Dec 2022: Sending festive presents and goodies to the homeless

15 Dec 2022: Visits to several nursing homes, with games and presents for the elderlies! Grateful to those who donated useful items such as socks and woollen hats

7 Dec 2022: We kick start our special Christmas events for Advent with gift packs for the elderly grandpas and grandmas in nursing homes with games and gospel sharing. We are also distributing gifts to cardboard collectors, street cleaners and those working outdoors in the wet and cold winter.

4 Dec 2022: SCMP reports that Audit Commission found that 40% of registered street sleepers received support from publicly subsidised NGOs in 2021, from 595 to 1,694. Number of homeless aged > 50 increased more than 2.5 times in the last decade, from 323 to 1,070. A 2020 survey that visited 109 McDonald’s outlets found 448 people sleeping rough, with Covid-19 compounded problems of tracking homelessness. Currently the government relies on several NGOs for support through financial backings in hostels and service teams which offer counselling, job support and hostel placements.

28 Nov 2022: Supermarket vouchers are much needed and welcomed by cardboard collectors, elderlies in low income and struggling families,  They usually redeem for essentials such as rice, cooking oil and soya sauce.  Fresh produce are considered a luxury item

25 Nov 2022:  Blessed to do simple but effective exercises with the elderlies in nursing homes: from head, neck, arm to back, legs and ankles, boosting blood flow and building muscle strength

20 Nov 2022:  Basic food costs have risen by over 20%; and with bus and MTR fees proposed to increase, the poor are getting poorer, with many saying they can only afford one meal a day

15 Nov 2022:  Grateful to our regular volunteer for bringing bananas for the grandpas and grandmas; bananas are filled with nutrients such as potassium and are easy to chew and aid in digestion and bowel health!

1 Nov 2022:  We count our blessings as the city is reverting gradually to normalcy, with more bakeries and hotel pastry kitchen giving us more breads to feed the marginalised

27 Oct 2022:  Brought supplies to a food kitchen that provides free hot meals to 100 elderlies in low income housing especially those living alone

10 Oct 2022: With rising cost of living including basic food and essentials, Supermarket vouchers are much needed by the needy, thanks to those who donated these useful vouchers!

5 Oct 2022:  Medical items (thermometers, RAT test, face masks) that were given free during hotel quarantine are much welcomed in nursing homes!

1 Oct 2022:  Blessed to distribute laisee red packets (filled with Supermarket vouchers) together with hot lunchboxes to 100 elderlies in low income, they are overjoyed!

25 Sept 2022:  We continue to bless the homeless with beverages, snacks and cleansing toiletries with regular visits and love

11 September 2022:  Blessed Mid Autumn Festival!  We are thankful to those who responded to our call to reduce food waste and sent their surplus mooncakes to us, so that we can pass the blessings to the needy

7 Sept 2022:  Blessed privilege to have Mid Autumn celebrations with the grandpas and grandmas in elderly homes, cutting mooncakes into bite sizes and feeding them, accompanied with fun games.  Such joy!

2 Sept 2022:  We begin our two-week long daily distribution of mooncakes to the marginalised, including cardboard collectors, elderly working in markets, street sweepers and janitors, elderly in low income, homeless and nursing homes.

1 Sept 2022:  Giving Bread celebrates her 13th year anniversary!  Thanks be to God for His faithfulness in sustaining us, serving the community incessantly, without pause, despite challenges.

30 Aug 2022:  Wonderful to bless the children with complimentary hotel stuff toys, airline backpack with colour pencils, thermometers to check temperature, and sweet snacks such as jelly beans and lollipops.  Thanks to those who donated these excess goodies from their travels and hotel quarantine.  Let us continue to reduce waste and pass the blessings to others.

25 Aug 2022:  Giving Bread returns safely to Hong Kong and grateful to those who dropped off excess goodies from their quarantine, so that distributions were done immediately especially for the perishables such fresh fruits and muffins.  Beverages were especially welcomed in this scorching heat.

16 Aug 2022:  Visited orphans and the elderly sicks (farmers and fishermen) families in villages, bringing supplies to them and praying with them.  Such joy and contentment, archoring on hope of our Lord!

13 Aug  2022:  Visited several poor families in Northern part of Bali, Indonesia and witnessed life transformation.  A widow’s life was renewed with hope through assistance of local ministries, giving shelter and means of livelihood (pigs and cows breeding).

10 Aug 2022:  Giving Bread in West Papua!  Visited several families in the remote villages of the tribes, in particular, showing the women basic sanitation and hygiene, and giving out toiletries and cash to these improvised tribes living on extremely basis means.

7 Aug 2022:  Night time distribution of face masks in a giant mountain of smelly garbage where several families dug out edible scraps to eat.  Heartbreaking sight.

2 Aug 2022:  Giving Bread in Indonesia!  Not wasting any food, the unconsumed bread buns and drinks given on flights were not wasted and distributed to the needy, especially the lovely grandmothers selling vegetables and meats on side streets.  Bless them

24 July 2022:  Giving Bread in Singapore, and continuing the tradition of giving love and care to the needy there.  Distributing face masks to the elderly men and women working in wet markets, peeling onions and garlics, as well as the ubiquitous handicap and seniors on wheelchairs, selling packs of tissue outside of MRT stations or at bustling hawker centres.  Even in world class countries, poverty and destitution exist, and let us not forget them

20 July 2022:  An orderly distributions of love packs to over 200 families in Tuen Mun area, those with children were particularly overjoyed by the scrumptious Oatmeal cereals which are a treat for them! Bless them all

15 July 2022:  With relentless oven heat as canopy due to heatwave, packs of refreshing drinks are much welcomed for those in outdoor hard labour, such as cardboard collectors and street cleaners.

12 July 2022: We are blessed to be continually receiving excess unused supplies from those in hotel quarantine such as toiletries, snacks, beverages, paper bags, face masks etc. Let’s not waste any items that can be needed for others!

7 July 2022:  Thanks to PepsiCare for donating 300 boxes of Quaker Oatmeal cereals, with honey and nuts!  These nutritious treats go to bless families in low income (especially those with young children in poverty), street sleepers and elderlies in need.

4 July 2022:  We continue our regular distributions of breads, face masks, toiletries, Supermarket vouchers to the marginalised.  Have hope!

2 July 2022: In typhoon 8′s howling wind and gushing rain, we pray for those sleeping on the streets and the tenacious ones who are still out working, such as cardboard collectors and essential workers

25 June 2022: We are overjoyed to resume afternoon tea parties with scrumptious treats with the elderly men and women in nursing homes, and still being vigilant with the necessary precautions such as face masks and vaccination.

18 June 2022:  Blessed Father’s Day, we send our love and appreciation to grandfathers, fathers, brothers, sons and friends!  Most of all, we thank our Heavenly Father and praise our Lord Jesus Christ!

12 June 2022:  It has been raining incessantly for the past 3 weeks, at times torrential thunderstorms.  We salute the tenacious street cleaners who continued to work hard despite the volatile weather, and with extra workload due to fallen leaves and debris.

5 June 2022:  As we continue to deliver goodies to nursing homes, we are comforted to see that the Covid cases are contained and the elderly men and women are becoming more active instead of lying in bed the whole day.  Thanks be to God

20 May 2022:  Thanks to the donation of unused excess supplies from those who finished hotel quarantine, we have been able to distribute hotel toiletries, yoga mats, drinks, snacks, bread buns, coffee and tea packs, cleaning agents to homeless, cardboard collectors and low income families.  Reduce waste and help the needy!

15 May 2022:  Distributing Covid RAT test kits and face masks to low income housing estates, especially for those where the children need to take regular Covid tests, adding to the financial burden of these families who are already under stress.

8 May 2022:  For the past few days leading to Mother’s Day, we sent our love and respect to ladies (mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters), distributing laisee red packets and love gifts.  You are all special.

1 May 2022:  Blessed Labour Day!  A special shout-out to those working in meagre wages, providing valuable public services such as street cleaning, toilet sanitisation, transportation and kitchen services.

24 April 2022: A cardboard collector makes an average of HKD 60- 70 per day ( < USD 10) by collecting used cardboards from shops and restaurants and resell them at refuse recycling centres. Due to social distancing rules limiting dine-in hours, businesses have either closed down or experienced plummeted revenue, resulting in many cardboard collectors suffering drastically diminished income, as much as half from the already low wage.  Pray.

15 April 2022:  Easter eggs:  rebirth

7 April 2022:  We repent, pray and are full of colossal gratitude, as we meditate on the Cross and His sacrificial death.

13 March 2022:  We continue to distribute much needed supplies (ART Covid test kits, face masks, Supermarket vouchers, food supplies) to the marginalised especially the street merchants in wet markets who face a plethora of people in the congested wet markets and are at vulnerable conditions

7 March 2022:  Distribution of fanny packs filled with essential health and hygiene items for the cardboard collectors and street cleaners.  Let us fight the good fight together!

2 March 2022: Blessed Ash Wednesday, as we enter into Lent

27 Feb 2022:  Food prices such as vegetables and meat have risen sharply and Supermarket vouchers are precious supplements for low income families

25 Jan 2022:  We pray for protection, patience and vigilance with the city and the world facing new relentless wave of Covid including Delta and Omicron

20 Jan 2022:  Preparing Chinese New Year laisee packs with Supermarket vouchers, thanks be to God for His faithfulness

7 Jan 2022:  Heartbreaking to see the marginalised including elderlies in their 80s struggling with daily food, in the rising costs of living.  Costs of food have risen in part due to logistical disruptions due to Covid, and inflation.

1 Jan 2022:  We pray for a year directed by God, to be used as His hands and feet

25 Dec 2021:  Christmas luncheon celebrations at Little Sisters of the Poor, with performances, treats and hymns.  Blessed Christmas!

24 Dec 2021: Christmas Eve distributions of toiletries and hygiene supplies for the homeless seeking refuge under the bridges

15 Dec 2021: Elderlies appreciate the packs of nutritious instant oatmeals, heartwarming especially in the cold winter

7 Dec 2021: Delicious crunchy oat cereals are welcomed and practical for the street sleepers, nourishing their bodies

1 Dec 2021:  December is our favourite month of the year as we kickstart Christmas givings for the whole month!  Goodies packs include packs of breads and pastries, oatmeals, cereals, face masks, hand sanitiser, Supermarket vouchers, toiletries and basic essentials.  Christmas packs wrapped beautifully for the recipients

15 Nov 2021:  With less than two weeks to the start of Dec, it is time to plan for Christmas festivities such as Christmas presents, caroling, fun and games for the marginalised.  We pray for provisions and resources, and that hearts be touched by the meaning and spirit of Christmas

14 Nov 2021: HK.ON.CC Media reports that in 2020 there were 274,000 children in poverty.  81.6% of these children in Hong Kong’s low income families spent over 10 hours a week helping in household chores including going to the markets, cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of younger siblings and even collecting used cardboards to supplement extra income for the family.  Average age of these children is 10 years old, which means they are still in primary schools.  49.4% comes from single parent families and 65% live in cage homes, “coffin homes” or  compartmentalised shared apartments

3 Nov 2021: With the pandemic cases under control in low single digit daily cases, we are optimistic that nursing homes and shelters will be allowing more visitors so that the elderlies can receive the warmth from families and friends.  We pray we will be able to organise Christmas group events for them

15 Oct 2021: Blessed to distribute packs of pastries, face masks and Supermarket vouchers for the residents in a working class estate, collaborating with the community centre with hot food kitchen which prepares lunchboxes for them

7 Oct 2021: Grateful to have a continued supply of face masks from wonderful donors, allowing us to distribute to the needy

23 Sept 2021:  A productive day of distributing mooncakes to the homeless in two hostels for street sleepers, as well as minorities in public parks and beggars

22 Sept 2021:  Blessed Mid Autumn Festival!  Thanks be to God for smooth and joyful distributions of mooncakes over the past 5 days for the elderly men and women in numerous nursing homes, having festive celebrations with lanterns, games while savouring an assortment of mooncakes of multiple flavours.  Glory to our Lord!

21 Sept 2021:  Blessing the caretakers and staff in elderly homes with gifts of mooncakes, they are so grateful!

20 Sept 2021:  Distributing mooncakes to the low income families

18 Sept 2021:  Giving out mooncakes to cardboard collectors, elderly working in wet markets, street stall kitchen staff, construction workers and the marginalised.  They are overjoyed!

17 Sept 2021:  A fun-filled time at two nursing homes, distributing mooncakes to the elderly residents, as well as colourful lanterns that brighten the environment

15 Sept 2021:  With the approaching Mid Autumn festival, we are mobilising friends to reduce food waste and consider donating their surplus mooncakes to charities such as Giving Bread!

6 Sept 2021:  Happy Rosh Hashanah, Happy New Year! Shanah Tovah!

28 Aug 2021: SCMP reports “lonely deaths”: over 152,000 elderlies above 65 years old live alone in Hong Kong, and it is a “ticking time bomb”

17 Aug 2021:  Distributing packs of breads and face masks to the elderlies sitting in public parks and sidewalks, to escape from the repressive heat in their homes with no air-conditioners.  Unfortunately the outdoor weather may even be hotter!

5 Aug 2021:  Wonderful to see that the nursing homes are doing an excellent job in containing the pandemic and that the staff are vaccinated and the elderly men and women are in steady health

12 July 2021:  And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God – Micah 6:8

25 June 2021:  Praying for the elderly men and women and those living in small tight apartments with no air-conditioners, repressive in the summer heat

13 May 2021: We are grateful to receive donations of face masks, Supermarket vouchers, cake vouchers, hotel toiletries and supplies from regular supporters so we can continue to serve the community

9 May 2021: Blessed Mother’s Day!  We send love and well wishes to grandmothers, mothers, daughters and sisters.  You are special and beloved children of God

8 May 20201: Giving out carnation flowers, laisee red packets and gifts to ladies in low income, with lunchboxes, soup packs, fruits and desserts!

7 May 2021:  Distributing roses, cakes and pastries for the elderlies in nursing homes; they are joyous!

5 May 2021: Giving out carnation flowers, face masks and laiseee red packets to hardworking ladies such as cardboard collectors, street sweepers, wet market merchants, flea market sellers, toilet cleaners and those in low income

4 May 2021: HK2050isNOW: We are honoured to be mentioned as part of the force committed to reducing waste.  Food waste constitutes 30% of total waste, and daily wastage amounts to the equivalent of 144 million pieces of sushi!  (3,600 tonnes)

2 May 2021: Kick-start one-week long Mother’s Day special giving with flowers and laisee red packets for the ladies in low income and hard labour.  Bless them

7 March 2021: Let us continue to be vigilant with our hygiene and cleanliness, so we can fight the good fight against the pandemic, with the help for God

18 April 2021: We sent supplies (face masks, Supermarket vouchers, shoes, clothes, books, rice, noodles and other basic necessities) to minority groups in vulnerable conditions including refugees.  We are all children of God

1 March 2021: Wonderful to contribute to food kitchens which prepare lunchboxes to the needy, including rice, noodles, beef jerky and pastries

14 Feb 2021:  For the period of 2 weeks of Chinese New Year festivities, we have prepared lai see red packets, face masks, Chinese New Year puddings and Supermarket vouchers for distribution to homeless, elderlies in hard labour, street merchants, low income families, farmers, janitors and street cleaners and the marginalised.  Have a prosperous Year of the Ox!

10 Feb 2021:  Thank you to hotel donors such as Gold Coast Hotel for donating to us their unsold Chinese New Year puddings, which we gave to low income families

7 Feb 2021: We are grateful to friends who donated to us their surplus Chinese New Year Nian Gao from their hampers and gift exchanges, so that we can share these goodies to the needy.  Reduce food waste, feed the poor.

1 jan 2021: May the New Year bring new hope with peace, acceptance, love and health all over the world

25  Dec 2020:  Blessed Christmas!  Our Lord Jesus Christ is born!  Let us rejoice!

14 Dec 2020:  Blessed that some parents are taking their children on their school breaks to volunteer with us, helping to collect and distribute breads to the needy

11 Dec 2020: With “work-from-home”, we are grateful to receive home-made goodies which smell divine!

25 Nov 2020: Praying for the mental health as depression and anxiety rise due to the pandemic

17 Nov 2020:  The need for face masks continues especially as the city faces another spike in Covid-19 cases.  Let us continue to be vigilant

12 Nov 2020: Distribution of Supermarket vouchers and face masks to cardboard collectors, street merchants, janitors and those in low income.  They are elated!

6 Nov 2020: Our prayers go to those who face unemployment, or a sharp drop in income.  This has been a challenging year in many aspects to many.  There is hope.

2 Nov 2020:  Blessed that one of our volunteers also donated home-baked muffins for the homeless!  Fresh, preservative-free and smell delectable!

27 Oct 2020: During one of our regular food distribution to two homeless shelters, we had a lovely discussion with the caretaker Mr L who shared some of the vigilant measure they took for the hostels, including regular sanitisation of the facilities, daily temperature checks for all residents, cleaning of the soles of the shoes with breach before entry, and mandatory Covid-19 tests for new applicants into the hostels.  The double-decker beds are also moved to have better social distancing.

7 Oct 2020: We continue to distribute on a weekly basis, food, face masks and Supermarket vouchers for the needy

21 Sept 2020: in this capricious weather of alternate sudden storms and scorching sun, we salute the tenacious elderly men and women doing outdoor labour such as flea markets, construction works, garbage collectors, metal welders etc.  We bless them with love packs of face masks and Supermarket vouchers

13th Sept 2020: According to various studies, 3 out of 4 persons suffer from anxiety or depression.  We send hand-written cards and small gifts to these vulnerables, including those facing financial stress in their business especially in food and beverage industry

10th Sept 2020: We continue to send goodies to nursing homes, dropping the supplies of food and face masks at the entrance, respecting social distancing.

29th Aug 2020: Salute to 92 year old grandpa Lau who lived in a nursing home which we’ve visited for over 10 years!  We brought scrumptious cakes to celebrate his birthday.  He remained alert and full of good cheer!  What a blessing

15th Aug 2020: the contribution of foreign workers such as domestic helpers cannot be underestimated.  They work hard with one hours saving money to send large parcels of supplies to their villages back home.  We surprise these beloved ones with packs of face masks, for their protection as well as for their families.

21st July 2020: Regular distribution of supplies for the homeless, in shelters and those seeking refuge on side streets and underground passes

12th July 2020:  We are blessed to be the hands and feet for God, serving our community for 11 years!

7 July 2020:  In the scorching summer heat, we are distributing packs of drinks (apple juice, grape juice, lemon tea) in addition to packs of breads, face masks and Supermarket vouchers to street sleepers, beggars and market merchants.  Bless them

1st July 2020: We are grateful to friends who sent us Supermarket vouchers which we distribute to low income families and the elderly men and women picking cardboards for a living

23rd June 2020:  Dragon Boat Festival is approaching!  We are asking people not to waste their leftover rice dumplings, and to consider donating the un-eaten goodies to the needy

14th June 2020:  According to a new World Bank study, the Covid-19 pandemic has been highly destructive especially one poor and developing countries.  For the first time in 60 years, their economies will collectively shrink, plunging as many as 100 million people into extreme poverty.  This is a global tragedy of epic proportion, considering the success the world has had in eradicating extreme poverty for the past decades.  Extreme poverty is defined as a daily income of less than US$1.90.

12th June 2020:  SCMP reports that the elderly men and women in nursing homes are suffering from loneliness due to prohibition of visitors.  We understand first-hand, from our weekly visits to give supplies to these homes.  ”The biggest poverty is not the lack of food, but the lack of love – Mother Teresa”

3rd June 2020:  Blessed to continue to give, 6 times a week, supplies of food, face masks and medical protective gear to the needy, and grateful to see the global infected numbers of COVID-19 declining….  but let us not be complacent and be vigilant in our hygiene and social distancing discipline!

23rd May 2020: Distributing packs of face masks and Supermarket vouchers to janitors, street cleaners, window washers, construction workers and cardboard collectors, thanking them for their integral service in our community!

22nd May 2020:  Dropping off breads and pastries to three nursing homes, keeping the required distance from the elderlies who are in the high risk group, missing fellowship time with them, praying that the pandemic will be over soon!

11th May 2020:  Blessed to send surgical face masks to frontline medics especially the nurses and medical students in Faculty of Medicine in CUHK.

10th May 2020: Honour her for what she has done with her hands – Proverbs 31:31.  Happy Mother’s Day!  What a joyous annual affair where we distribute love packs to random mothers and grandmothers on the streets, working in markets, collecting cardboards and washing dishes in street stalls.  Love packs include flowers, chocolates, Supermarket vouchers and this year – packs of 10 face masks each.

25th April 2020:  Thanks be to God for His continued provisions which allow us to send food supplies, face masks, hand sanitizers and Supermarket vouchers to socially disadvantaged groups including homeless, visually impaired, physically disabled, caretakers and orphans and discarded children, low income families, nursing homes and those in low-income hard labour.

7th April 2020:  We are pleading friends and supporters to donate N95 face masks to the frontline medics as there is a global shortage in these hospital supplies

5th April 2020:  It is important to remind the elderly men and women living in nursing homes that they are loved and not forgotten.  We continue to bring goodies as well as face masks for the nursing care staff

22nd March 2020:  Blessed to distribute face masks, hand sanitizers and Supermarket vouchers to Rehab centers for disabled, elderly cardboard collectors, homeless shelters in Mongkok and Wan Chai, elderly living alone in various housing estates, “McRefugees” in Tsuen Mun etc.  The needs are plenty.

17th March 2020:  Thanks be to God for our distribution of thousands of face masks to the marginalized communities in Lai Chi Kok, Sham Shiu Po and Mei Foo district, particularly also ministering to the disabled community.  Bless them.

16th March 2020: Financial Times report that the coronavirus caused a precipitous drop in income for the low echelon in China:  household income dropped by 80% and many are left with 2.5 months’ cash to survive.

15th March 2020: Mingpao reports: according to a survey of low income families in Hong Kong regarding home schooling, 90% of these students face difficulties.  65% do not have home computer; 50% do not have printer; 35% are unable to access the tutorials and schoolwork due to slow internet.

14th March 2020: SCMP reports that the Covid-19 crisis exposes the harsh existence of Hong Kong’s poorest household as they cramp in 100 sq ft of apartment for a household of four, making quarantine and social distancing impossible, as is home schooling.  Mercy O Lord!

12th March 2020:  Night time packing of face masks continues nearly every night, for the past two months, thanks be to God for the miraculous provisions!

10th March 2020: Blessed to send thousands of face masks to a trusted Christian community in Wuhan as they are in dire desperation for supplies; the city being in lockdown for nearly two months.

9th March 2020: We are grateful to our bread donors for supporting us for nearly 11 years!  We pray for prosperity and stamina for them, especially those in hotel and restaurant industries as they continue to face languishing business.

7th March 2020: We are overwhelmed by the abundant provisions of donated face masks and hand sanitizers which we continue to distribute to the marginalized, particularly the cardboard collectors, elderly in working in wet markets, as well as nursing care staff.

5th March 2020: According to Global Times 2018, each year in China, 900,000 babe are born with birth defects.  A baby is born with a disability every 35 seconds, and nearly half a million children are abandoned in China.  We are honoured to donate packs of face masks to these orphans in China, through our partnership with International China Concern.

2nd March 2020: Our hearts are full to receive several notes and certificates of appreciations from our recipients including nursing homes.

27th Feb 2020: Our prayers for all medical staff, particularly those in Princess Margaret Hospital which treats coronavirus patients.  They are in dire shortage of N95 surgical masks and we are grateful to be able to send some supplies to them

26th Feb 2020: We believe in the power of collaboration!  Blessed to be sending face masks to various NGOs with no overlapping coverage.  Hope of the City, ICC, YWAM, etc.

24th Feb 2020: According to a new survey by Society for Community Organization, 70% of low income families in Hong Kong struggles to afford face masks and disinfectants.  60% of low income (median household income HKD 13,000) had fewer than 10 masks in stock at home, for an average family of four.  66% saw a drop of up to HKD 10,000 in income over the past month, 24% were out of job during the epidemic.

23rd Feb 2020: Distribution of face masks to embattled taxi drivers: 20% have lost their jobs due to lack of passengers or lack of masks.  Those who are working face daily losses or negative equity on their cars.

20th Feb 2020: We continue to distribute breads, face masks and Supermarket vouchers to low income families, elderly in low income, nursing care staff in care homes as well as homeless shelters.

17th Feb 2020: SCMP reports that the coronavirus outbreak makes life even tougher for Hong Kong’s disabled.  The blind uses touch to navigate their way; which makes them more exposed to potential germs.  Other handicaps find it beyond their means to buy face masks and sterilize gels.  We are reaching out to this group with our bags of face masks for these beloved of God.

15th Feb 2020: Our bread collection and distribution persists, 6x a week, by the grace of God

14th Feb 2020: Happy Valentine’s Day!  We give out love packs (of face masks, Supermarket vouchers and hearty snacks) to the vulnerables especially those under pressure from the sharp spike in costs of basic necessities.  We also visited homeless shelters and the residents of low income.  Bless them.

10th Feb 2020: We continue to distribute face masks and Supermarket vouchers to the marginalized, especially the elderly working hard and street cleaners

7th Feb 2020: We distribute face masks, supplemented by laisee red packs containing Supermarket vouchers to help the low income ride through this period of anxiety and rising costs of basic necessities

5th Feb 2020: We are grateful to receive donations of hundreds of face masks from gracious friends, which we sort into packs of 5 face masks each, and distribute to the elderly picking cardboards, elderly working in wet markets and street cleaners who are potentially more exposed to hygiene risks.

29th Jan 2020: Praying for protection against the virus and sicknesses.  Good health, prosperity, harmony and love among us all.  The smiling happy faces of the elderlies energize us.

26th Jan 2020: Giving out laisee red packs to the needy; thanks be to God for His provisions.

25th Jan 2020:  Blessed Chinese New Year!  We are overwhelmed with festive joy at the CNY luncheon in several nursing homes.  Prepared egg rolls, fruits and puddings to the parties, as well as laisee red packs.  So many laughters!

24th Jan 2020: on the eve of Chinese New Year, we brought festive joys in our night-time distributions of Chinese New Year gifts including puddings and goodies to the street-cleaners, elderlies picking cardboards and homeless.

22nd Jan 2020: We are grateful to receive donated Chinese New Year puddings from hotels and businessmen-friends who have excess leftovers from gift hampers. Reduce food waste, feed the needy.

14th Jan 2020:  According to a study by The Lancet, almost 1 in 3 Hong Kong adults exhibited symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder during the prolonged civil invest in the city.  We pray for reconciliation and healing, as well as medical help for those suffering from depression and stress.

11th Jan 2020: SCMP reports that 1.4 million Hong Kongers (20.4% of the population) live below poverty, with elderly poor rising to 516,000.  Poverty line is set at HKD 4,000 per person, HKD 10,000 for a two-person household, and for a 4-person household: USD 2,700 (HKD 21,000).  Youth poverty (18 to 29 years old) also rose from 11.9% (2015) to 12.6% (2018).  It is widely believed that the actual poverty numbers are higher, as unemployment rates rise especially among the less educated.

6th Jan 2020: We are grateful to welcome a new donor – Conrad Hotel!  Thank you for the batch of donated pastries as well as Christmas festive cookies which are still fresh and not expired.  These go to bless those packing cardboards for a living.

1st Jan 2020:  Blessed New Year!  We pray for peace, joy and hope in all of humanity.

25th Dec 2019:  For unto us, a child is born.  He is the Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. – Isaiah 9:6

20th Dec 2019:  Due to the 6-month long protests in Hong Kong which resulted in precipitous drop in businesses in hotels, unfortunately this year our regular hotel donors are unable to donate the regular volume of Chirstmas goodies to us.  We pray for sustainability for their businesses and occupancy rates, and that they are able to ride through this tumultuous time.

12th Dec 2019:  Preparation of Christmas gift packs of gingerbread cookies is underway!

1st Dec 2019:  It is our favourite month of the year!  We are starting to plan Christmas gift packs for the beloved of God.

28th Nov 2019: We are grateful for the collection of hotel toiletries (shampoo, soap, bathing gel) which make enormous gifts to the street sleepers, keeping them clean and smelling sweet!

16th Nov 2019: Giving thanks to a batch of donated adult diapers  from a friend whose mother passed away, RIP auntie dearest, and thank you for the donation which the elders in low income truly appreciate

5th Nov 2019: Despite the chaos and traffic disruptions resulting from the protests in Hong Kong, our persistence in bread collection and distribution continue.  Keep praying!

27th Oct 2019: Our steadfast trust in the Lord, for peace, harmony and reconciliation in Hong Kong, and all nations.  Love conquers hatred.

15th Oct 2019: Praying for safety and protection especially for those working outdoors, cleaning up the debris from the vandalism and riots.  Giving out packs of goodies to the tenacious street cleaners and garbage collectors.

5th Oct 2019: Blessed moments of Running Bread in the Holy Land

27th Sept 2019: Running Bread arrived in the Holy Land of Israel with gratitude

5th September 2019: We are grateful to batches of donated moon cakes from friends who received too much beyond their personal consumption, and responded to our call to reduce waste and feed the marginalized

8th September 2019: We will be distributing moon cakes to elderlies in low income and the destitute over a period of two weeks, bringing festive joy and care to all

13th September 2019: Blessed mid Autumn festival!

8th August 2019: Grace and love in action, as we continue to distribute goodies 6 times a week, despite traffic inconvenience due to protests and riots

21st July 2019: We pray for peace, self control and love in the midst of violence and anger facing several nations

12th July 2019: Praise the Lord for grace, mercy and love

7th June 2019: So blessed to see familiar faces amongst the elderlies in nursing homes, bring the bread of life to them, praying and chatting, a wholesome fellowship.

1st May 2019: One Labour’s Day.  We give a special salute to those who are weary in their labour, praying for rest and peace in Christ

20th April 2019: Blessed to give breads regularly to a homeless shelter which is offering bible studies, fellowships and counseling to the marginalized.  Such joy!

25th March 2019: Visit to the ICU in hospital, to pray for healing for the terminally sick and those in critical condition.  Heal them O Lord!

19th March 2019:  We have been collecting hotels’ toiletries from self and friends for distributions to the homeless.  These are such practical gifts!

24th February 2019: True joy to be able to contribute and participate in the annual Poon Choi feast with ICA Church for over 800 elderlies in low income.  Feasting in the nutritious big bucket dishes, gift packs, games, prayers and fellowship.  What a blessing!

15th Jan 2019: SCMP reports a heart-wrenching tragedy where a 81 year old elderly killed his beloved wife to release her pain from her long suffering sickness, and due to lack of financial means for proper medical treatment.  This sadly reflects the dire need for proper elderly care for the low income and those in poverty.  Keep praying.

10th Jan 2019: We are blessed to continue to be blessing the homeless on the streets as well as in several homeless shelters with the bread of life.  May the bread nourish their bodies and souls.

1st Jan 2019: Blessed New Year!  Faith, Hope, and Love.

28th Dec 2018: We continue to approach hotels, restaurants and Supermarkets to donate their leftovers to us, especially the post festivities with leftover Christmas goodies such as Christmas cakes and gingerbread cookies which have not yet expired.  Reduce waste, help the needy.

25th Dec 2018: Christ the Saviour and Lord is born!  Hallelujah!

21st Dec 2018: As per our annual tradition, we prepared Christmas presents of goodies (gingerbread cookies, chocolate chips, star-shaped biscuits etc) for the homeless, orphans, disabled children and elderly!

20th Dec 2018: Grateful to our friends who donated used toys and books which we distributed as Christmas presents to the disabled children living in hospitals and rehab centers.  Bless them.

17th Dec 2018: We are thrilled that families are preparing Christmas packs for the elderly, with the aim of visiting over 2,000 elderly in nursing homes within a week as we countdown to Christmas!  May the spirit of joy and giving permeate the city.

25th Nov 2018: We are blessed to reflect on the many years of friendships we have developed with our bread donors (especially the pastry chefs) as well as the recipients especially the homeless and elderly in nursing homes.  It is truly more blessed to give than receive.

20th Nov 2018: SCMP reports a record 1.37 million (20% of the population) of Hong Kong people live below poverty line!  Devastatingly sad!

17th Nov 2018: Wedding banquets and conference events often result in massive food wastage.  We are conscientious to pack leftovers whenever we are invited to weddings and dinner functions and distribute to the needy.

27th Oct 2018: We are delighted to welcome our newest bread donor – the new swanky Murray Hotel in Central!

20th Oct 2018: Founder of Giving Bread is honored to be invited as a panel speaker in two discussion forums in the global Justice Conference.  ”What does the Lord require of us? To love mercy, to act justly and to walk humbly with our Lord. – Micah 6:8″

12th Oct 2018: Weekend afternoon tea parties in nursing homes and in public parks are becoming a sweet fellowship the elderly look forward to!  Bless them.

3rd Oct 2018: Hope, joy and peace abound with love!

25th Sept 2018: Blessed Mid Autumn Festival! We continue our annual efforts to call for reduction of food waste and showing care for the needy.

21st Sept 2018: On our distribution of moon cakes to the street sleepers in a notorious area, we are saddened to notice an increased number of young female in the dark areas.  Our prayers and love for them.

19th Sept 2018:Blessed to receive leftover mooncakes which we distributed to the elderly and low income families, as well as the tenacious elderly picking cardboard for a living.

17th Sept 2018: In the aftermath of the historical monstrous typhoon, we brought packs of goodies for the street cleaners and garbage collectors working hard to clear the streets from fallen trees and damages.

15th Sept 2018: Prayers for Hong Kong and countries as they brave the behemoth typhoon and hurricanes.

5th Sept 2018: Loneliness is common among elderly, which often leads to depression, especially when one of the spouse passed away or the abandonment of children.  Today we brought a rainbow-coloured multi-layered cake to celebrate the 95th birthday of an elderly man living in a nursing home we have been visiting for several years.  His wife passed away a few years ago and there is an empty void in him, which we pray, be filled by the love of God.

31st August 2018: We are grateful to Luxe Manor Hotel which donated their staff’s leftover lunch boxes which we distributed to a hostel for the homeless.  Sumptuous spread of beef with bitter gourd, steam pork, vegetables, beef rice, soup, steamed rice and drinks!  WOW!

17th August 2018: We continue to approach hotels for their leftover breads and pastries from their buffets, and are delighted to know of their efforts in reducing food waste and be socially conscious.  An area that still has more waste is from events and banquets, which we hope to collect these for the marginalized.

6th August 2018: CNN Reports: In the past 5 years, there is 6x increase in Hong Kong’s “McRefugees” – residents who spend their nights sleeping in McDonalds.  An economic and social crisis!

12th July 2018: We are grateful for being the hands and feet for our Lord Jesus Christ, sharing the bread of life 6x a week!  Blessed.

7th July 2018: So blessed to be praying and bringing goodies for more elderly over 100 years old in nursing homes!  Incredible grace.

16th June 2018: We are honored to be mentioned on the official Facebook site of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, about our contribution to the needy, since 2010, almost 9 years!  God is good.

29th May 2018:  Praise the Lord for miracles!  Running Bread finished the world’s highest marathon: Everest Marathon in the Nepal.

8th April 2018: Running Bread spreads the spirit of peace and harmony in North Korea, running in the PyongYang marathon race!  An enigmatic country indeed.

5th April 2018: Even when overseas, it is the habit of Running Bread to spread the mission of “reducing waste, feed the needy” to the locals there.  Breakfast buffets offered in hotels are packed into Giving Bread bags and given to the numerous homeless and beggars in Greece.

1st April 2018: He has risen!  Blessed Easter as Running Bread ran in the Alexander The Great marathon in Greece, a special land as Greek was the original language of the New Testament.

17th March 2018: Fun games with the elderly including handicrafts, card games and drawings to keep the mind challenged and spirits joyful.

12th March 2018: During one of the regular visits to a 94 year old grandma living in a nursing home, she shared that her son, in his 70s, is frail and hence unable to take care of himself and her.  This is the situation of our society: two generations of aging population.

3rd March 2018: We are excited to collaborate with ICA Manna ministry in the Chinese New Year Poon Choi feastings for hundreds of elderly, who really enjoy this traditional multi-layered wholesome dish.  Games, activities and performances filled the banquet with joy and love.

25th Feb 2018: We are blessed to distribute Chinese New Year laisee packs (containing Supermarket vouchers) to the elderly in low income housing estates as well as the homeless.  Bless them!

17th Feb 2018: Giving Bread is in the Holy Land of Israel, praying for friends and families, supporters and recipients of Giving Bread.  We also visited a few ministries which we support for several years, encouraged by what God is doing in this special Land.

5th Jan 2018: It is the 12th Day of Christmas, Epiphany Eve.  Let us fill our hearts with thanksgiving for the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

2nd Jan 2018:  You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.  Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it. – Psalm 139:13-14

1st Jan 2018:  May your home be filled with God’s Presence, Peace, Love, Joy, Favour Blessings.

24th Dec 2017: Night time distributing Christmas packs to the homeless and vulnerables in the dark side of this city.  Please keep us in your prayers for protection and safety.

21st Dec 2017: Wondrous season of Christmas, giving out Christmas goodies and cakes

17th Nov 2017: God is perfect and abundantly good! Let us adore Him and praise Him

2nd Nov 2017: We are blessed to establish long friendships with the recipients in our 8th year of Giving Bread!

15th Oct 2017: Wonderful week-long events of visits to low income families, distributing milk powder and necessities, thank God for provisions.

7th Oct 2017: Running Bread finished the Estonia marathon for the glory of God, feeling blessed.

1st Oct 2017: Running Bread finished the Ukraine marathon for the glory of God!

27th Sept 2017: Cutting moon cakes into small bite sizes, feeding the elderly, happy times!

21st Sept 2017: Grateful to Pepsi Care, the charity arm of Pepsi Cola, for donating 50 cartons (each containing 200 sachets) of Quaker elderly-formula milk powder which are much needed nutrients to the elderly!

17th Sept 2017: SCMP reports “Cardboard collectors struggle as prices fall amid strike by waste paper exporters.”  Prices are down from HKD0.70 per kg to HKD 0.50 per kg, and many “por por” (grandmothers) are very tired but needed to sell cardboards to help the family.

15th Sept 2017: We are blessed to receive over 1,000 pieces of mooncakes from a group of families and friends which we distribute to over 6 nursing homes, with parents and their young children bringing joy and love to the elderly.

18th Aug 2017:  Household food waste per capita in Hong Kong is more than double than in major Asian cities like Tokyo and Seoul.  A total of 3,300 tones or the weight of 230 double decker buses!  Let’s reduce waste and start from our own homes.

1st August 2017: Grateful to receive McDonald’s food vouchers as well as Supermarket vouchers from our gracious supporters.  God bless.

20th July 2017: In this scorching summer, we notice that the residents of sleeping in the double decker beds in homeless shelters have removed the bed mattresses and choose to sleep on the wooden planks instead, to cool off the repressing heat!

3rd July 2017: We are so touched and honored to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from a home for the mentally disabled in Sham Shui Po, signed by various members of the residents there!  They appreciated our visits, and we appreciate their pure love and embrace!

1st July 2017: we pray for guidance, courage, wisdom and provision for the leaders in our society, country, company, family and community.  May we listen to the ultimate leader – our Lord God!

27th June 2017: We give thanks to our new bread donor – Gold Coast Hotel!  Thank you for believing in our mission of reducing food waste and help the vulnerables.

24th June 2017: We incorporate simple exercises and fun games with bread giving to the elderly in old folks’ homes, bringing joy in spirit and body

15th June 2017: Sweetness when the holy sisters from a Home sent a message of thanksgiving, saying they remembered us for several years!  Bless them

10th June 2017: in the torrential season, our utmost respect goes to the elderly picking cardboards in the pouring rain with fortitude

2nd June 2017: Sad news that a 60 year old homeless man died while sleeping on the streets in the scorching summer heat, possibly from overheating.  He was wearing thick swollen sweater.  RIP

24th May 2017:  It’s Dragon Boat season!  We are asking for donated leftover rice dumplings so we can give them to the elderly.  They love them, savory and sweet ones.

1st May 2017: On this Labour Day, we want to give a special salvation to the indomitable spirit of the elderly doing hard labour, full of stalwart stamina to make a decent living, picking cardboards, selling vegetables in wet markets or sweeping the streets.  We love you!

14th April 2017: Good Shepherds are willing to lay down their lives for their sheep – John 10:11.  One of the greatest gifts we can give others is ourselves.  It means making our own lives – our sorrows and joys, our despair and hope, our loneliness and experience of intimacy – available to others as sources of new life.  When we say: “Do not be afraid, I know what you are living and I am living it with you. You are not alone.”  Thus we become Christ-like shepherds.  Thank you Jesus, for dying on the cross for us.  Blessed Good Friday.

25th March 2017: Through giving, we are often the bigger recipients, for we experience meaning, fulfillment and comfort in the process of giving compassion and love to others.

5th March 2017: “What does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8

27th Feb 2017: South China Morning Post reports that the age of homeless in Hong Kong is getting younger: 37% is below 44 years old

19th Feb 2017: Giving Bread participated as one of the speakers in the Justice Forum in Union Church, sharing the mission of the charity and the encounters with the marginalized in this glittering city with rising wealth gap

7th Feb 2017: 7.7.7. Running Bread is immensely grateful for the power of the Lord to help spread the message of the gospel of hope and love, running 7 marathons, in 7 days on 7 continents (Antarctica, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia).  We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

25th Jan 2017: We are thankful to be able to give Chinese New Year laisee packs to the needy, especially the homeless, to provide them with financial supplements for their basic necessities

10th Jan 2017: We pray for prosperity, love and union for families and friends, particularly with the approaching Chinese New Year.  Special thoughts to the marginalized.

1st Jan 2017: We pray for a wonderful New Year full of breakthroughs in all aspects of our lives!

25th Dec 2016: Hallelujah!!!  Christ Jesus is born!

24th Dec 2016: We are thrilled to be bringing over 20 volunteers (including children) to sing Christmas carols to the lonely elderly in nursing homes, as well as giving out packs of Christmas goodies, playing simple games with them!

22nd Dec 2016: Grateful for special donations of gingerbread cookies, Christmas breads and festive goodies which make such joyful gifts to the recipients

17th Dec 2016: We are excited to be preparing Christmas gift packs for the homeless: toiletries packs and Supermarket vouchers, which make practical and much desired gifts.  Thank you Jesus for the supplies!

5th Dec 2016: The season of Advent, in anticipation of the birth of Christ.  Peace, joy and love!

3rd Dec 2016: We are grateful to be able to contribute Supermarket vouchers to a group of elderly in low income who are part of a fun excursion to Noah’s Ark today, with fun games, food and visits to the sites of Noah’s Ark.  They had a wonderful day!

22nd Nov 2016: It’s always heartwarming to see centurions in nursing homes, especially the elderly over 100 years old, still able to consume the goodies we bring to them!  Blessings.

10th Nov 2016: We have been collecting free hotel toiletries from our business and leisure travels and, thanks to donations from friends, we distributed over 60 packs of assorted toiletries to the homeless.  Each pack contain toothbrush, shaving kit, comb, soap, shampoo and lotion.  Several street sleepers used the kit and brushed their teeth immediately!  Healthy body healthy soul, and keep sickness away.

9th Oct 2016: Back-to-back challenges, Running Bread ran in the spirit of Giving Bread in the Munich Germany marathon, feeling grateful to have finished the race.  ”I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”.  AMEN.

5th Oct 2016: Spreading the spirit of Giving Bread overseas, Running Bread made sandwiches from the hotel’s breakfast buffet in Germany and distributed them (together with drinks) to the homeless in train stations and under the overhead bridges.

2nd Oct 2016: Running Bread ran in the spirit of Giving Bread in the Cologne (Koln) Germany marathon, feeling grateful to have finished the race.

26th Sept 2016: We continue our weekly evening distributions of Supermarket vouchers and bread coupons to the needy, especially the elderly picking cardboards for a living.

3rd Sept 2016: Ushering the approaching Mid Autumn festival in two weeks, we are touched by the generous donation of a group of parents who donated packs of moon cakes with fresh fruits for distribution to the elderly.  Wonderful too when parents visit the nursing homes with their little children, bringing joy to the elderly!

27th August 2016: We consistently distribute Supermarket vouchers to the vulnerables, especially the homeless and elderly doing hard labour.  Such vouchers are much welcomed supplements for the recipients to buy basic necessities and food.

20th August 2016: We  supplement breads and pastries with treats like seedless grapes which are full of vitamins and nutrients, special treats for the elderly!

10th August 2016: Always grateful for regular faithful volunteers as well as new volunteers joining us!  You all make our mission possible

24th July 2016: Let not mercy and faithfulness leave you; bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart.” – Prov 3:3

12th July 2016: Grateful to have the provisions to distribute Supermarket vouchers to the residents of two homeless shelters at night.  Saddened to see more and more younger and families moving in.

7th July 2016: The biggest poverty is not the lack of food or money, but the lack of love.

15th June 2016: Our prayers go to the elderly picking cardboards for a living, especially in the repressingly oven heat!

26th May 2016: What happened to the huge leftovers when hotels host conferences and events?  We are grateful to Novotel Hotel for donating us over 300 pieces of pastries from its event’s leftovers.  These goodies went to a homeless shelter.  Reduce waste, feed the needy!

20th May 2016: Regular visits to the hostels of the homeless warm the hearts of both the givers and the recipients.  ”We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

12th May 2016: A touch on the back, a listening ear and a greeting of good wishes, warm everyone’s heart especially the lonely and neglected in elderly homes

8th May 2016: Happy Mother’s Day to strong, hardworking and selfless mothers!  We prepared little surprise gift packs for distribution to the lonely and frail elderly women in nursing homes.  Grandpas received the packs too!

1st May 2016: Blessed Labour Day to everyone, especially the tenacious elderly doing outdoor labour for meagre wages such as picking cardboards and sweeping streets.

27th April 2016: Saddened to see an empty bed of grandpa Suen who lived in a nursing home that we have been visiting for 6 years.  He has passed away.  RIP dearest.

18th April 2016: Running Bread runs for the glory of God, in the 120th Boston Marathon!

5th April 2016: We are thankful to be able to give out vouchers for free hot beverages and Supermarket coupons to the elderly sitting in public parks.

27th March 2016: Happy Easter!  Running Bread visited the slums and orphanages in Cambodia.  It is heartbreaking to see families with young children living amongst garbage heaps in a slum area.  Blessed to use the “Faith Comes by Hearing” audio bible in three Khymer languages to minster to the Cambodians, including bringing food and toys for them. “If you pour out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.” – Isaiah 58:10

8th March 2016: Giving out sweet cakes to treat the elderly ladies on International Women’s Day

27th Feb 2016: Continuing Chinese New Year celebrations. Wonderful event with 250 elderly in Chai Wan housing estate, savoring the traditional village “Pun Choi” dish as well as presents and laisee packs of supermarket vouchers.  What a wonderful time with them, with worship, songs performances and games.

18th Feb 2016: Hong Kong continues to expérience décades’ record of freezing cold weather.  We pray for those working outdoors and the homeless.

11th Feb 2016: Night-time visit to a hostel for street sleepers to distribute laisee packs of Supermarket vouchers and to pray for them, exchanging festive words of blessings

7th Feb 2016: Chinese New Year celebrations.  Distribution of 300 laisee packs and 600 festive cookies to the elderly in low income housing estates.

5th Feb 2016: Distribution of Chinese New Year rice cakes (nian gao) as well as laisee packs to elderly in low income housing estates.

16th Jan 2016: We are honoured that several foreign friends who are competing in the Hong Kong marathon will be carrying our Giving Bread logo to spread the message of love and care

13th Jan 2016: South China Morning Post reports the dire state of “McRefugees”: a group of homeless driven to seek refuge in McDonalds due to the lack of affordable housing in this expensive city

5th Jan 2016: Always touched by an elderly couple living in a nursing home.  The 70+ lady is ill and due to affordable home care, her husband checked her into an elderly home.  He visits her everyday and spends over 12 hours a day with her, reading newspapers and eats with her.  A true love story.

25th Dec 2015: Our favorite season!  Joyful Christmas!  We planned a month long of weekly Christmas caroling as well as special Christmas packs of goodies and warm clothing to the elderly.  This year we even have children performing volins for the elderly, and we welcome our youngest volunteer – 2 year old Elliot!

10th Dec 2015: We’re grateful to bring donated hotel pastries and chocolate bars to the students from low income families.  These little angels are delighted!

18th Nov 2015: South China Morning Post reports: number of elderly in Asia is expected to reach over 500 million by year 2030.  In Hong Kong, due to the high costs of living as well as lack of adequate social security, only 20% said they are able to cover the costs of taking care of their aging parents

2nd Nov 2015: Our hearts break for the elderly who passed away in the nursing homes we have been visiting.  Rest in peace, grandmas.  We hope we brought you joy and comfort during your times on earth.  Love

27th Oct 2015: Such a blessing today to meet several elderly: 93, 95, 97 and 103 years old, still alert and able to savour the pastries and breads we brought for them!  God bless the aged!

10th Oct 2015: Hong Kong’s Audit Commission says the Environmental Protection Department (EPD)’s actions in the past few years have proved insufficient to effectively reduce food waste.  In its Food Waste Plan for Hong Kong 2014-2022, the EPD targets to reduce food waste by 40% in year 2022.  The Audit Commission reported that only 4 of the 12 government departments have signed up to join the initiative, and EPD has failed its public tender to build waste treatment facilities in Northern Lantau Island.  The Housing Department and Food Hygiene Department have yet to set their own targets for food waste reduction.

20th Sept 2015: God bless the tenacious elderly working hard even on Sundays, in fruit markets and flea markets

15th Sept 2015: Ushering the Mid Autumn festival end of this month, we have been distributing moon cakes to elderly picking cardboards and working in outdoor wet markets.  Their smiles of gratitude and sparkle on their eyes are priceless!

12th Sept 2015: We are grateful to receive over 300 donated moon cakes: all low sugar, and some vegetarian (no lard), making them a healthier choice for elderly!

1st Sept 2015: It is the time of the year that we countdown to Mid Autumn Festival and ask for donated leftover moon cakes that many receive as gifts and have surplus beyond their consumption.  We also encourage consumers to recycle the lavish boxes and containers and be kind to our environment

7th August 2015: We thank friends and supporters who sent us Supermarket vouchers and bread coupons for our onward distribution to low income families and the elderly picking cardboards for a living.  Such supplements truly go a long way to help the marginalized

12th July 2015: We are filled with gratitude, for our faithful donors, volunteers and the recipients, who accept our visits and care.  It is truly a blessing to give!

20th June 2015: we are heartbroken to spot a little girl (perhaps two years old) homeless with her mother, sleeping on the side street in a difficult area amongst drug addicts.  Mercy O Lord!

15th May 2015: during the week of Mother’s Day, we prepared special gift packs for the elderly women in nursing homes as well as single mothers in challenging situations.  There were much joy and smiles!

1st May 2015: Labour Day, we salute especially those elderly still working on this public holiday, picking cardboards and working in wet markets selling vegetables.

7th April 2015: Over the years we occasionally receive heartfelt letters and messages from recipients, thanking us for the bread of life.  While we deliberately stay low key, turning down many media exposure of interviews and publicity, such letters often encouraged us.  There is a particular letter from an elderly home that reads: “Thank you for the years of caring visits, the elderly feel loved and warmth.  They enjoy the delicious breads and pastries.  May God continue to bless you with greater strength and grace as you give so much love.”  *tears*

3rd April 2015: There is no greater love, than to lay down one’s life for friends. – John 15:13

15th March 2015: We have been ministering to women in clandestine trade in red light district.  We come not to judge, but with the love of Christ.  We learnt that like all of us, these ladies need love and care.  Some of them are under the bondages of human trafficking with untold pain; others are single mothers with heavy financial burden.  We pray for healing and restoration.

25th Feb 2015: During Lunar New Year festivities, we gave out laisee packs (containing supermarket vouchers) to low income families and elderly doing hard labour.  We also brought some Chinese New Year goodies like nian gao and snacks to celebrate with the frail and lonely elderly in nursing homes.

19th Feb 2015: Blessed Lunar New Year!  This is the Year of the Lamb; Jesus is our sacrificial lamb.  He is also our good shepherd, and knows all his sheep.

3rd Feb 2015: “my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.” —1 Corinthians 15:58

17th Jan 2015: We give thanks to friends who sent us Supermarket vouchers which we distribute to low income families and the homeless.  These are practical gifts, much needed to survive with the high cost of living

1st Jan 2015: Blessed New Year full of joy, peace and love!  We are grateful to God, the bread donors, volunteers and prayer warriors, for the years of support.  Can you believe Giving Bread on its 6th Year?  WOW!

27th Dec 2014: We received many donated leftover Christmas cakes from hotels such as pantenone, which are much welcomed by the homeless and elderly!  Reduce waste, feed the marginalized

15th Dec 2014: As we count down to Christmas, we organized special events such as Christmas caroling, gingerbread cookies and Christmas delights, for our visits to several elderly homes.  Families and their young children joined in the volunteering, bringing much joy to the lonely and frail

23rd Nov 2014: We pray for the homeless and the elderly working outdoors in the colder weather, particularly during rainy nights

11th Nov 2014: We are encouraged by regular volunteers bringing their colleagues to join in the act of giving care during lunchtimes… an effective and meaningful way of spending an hour or so during lunch break,  helping us collect and distribute breads to the needy!

25th Oct 2014: South China Morning Post reports that Hong Kong govt has approved to build the city’s first organic-waste treatment plant, a HK$1.6 billion project in Lantau island

22nd Oct 2014: During regular bread distribution to the street sleepers, noticed that a homeless friend had just passed away. His fellow homeless buddies put up an altar with donated food in remembrance of him. He is in his mid 40s. RIP

2nd Oct 2014: “Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” – Jeremiah 29:7  We continue to pray fervently for peace in Hong Kong as the city is crippled with tension and stress from road blockages and chaos from the occupy movement

29th Sept 2014: Defend the weak and the fatherless.  Uphold the cause of the poor and oppressed. – Psalm 82:3

21st Sept 2014: Sunday Morning Post reports: 64 year old Madam Fok has been a street sweeper in Sham Shui Po for 12 years. She said she had never taken a single day’s sick leave before. However when she developed knee problems a few months ago and applied sick leave (with medical certificate), she was only granted 4 days’ sick leave. She also had never had any annual leave granted in her contract. Everyday she works from 5am for 8.5 hours, clearing garbages and sweeping the dirty streets, making less than US$1,000 per month.

17th September 2014: We visited the street sleepers in the aftermath of Typhoon 8, checking on their well being after the gushing winds and torrential downpour.  Bring hearty bread loaves which they wolfed down immediately.  Mercy on them!

15th September 2014: We gave thanks to several people who sent us bread/cake redemption vouchers which make such practical and needed gifts to the marginalized.

12th September 2014: We are joyful to learn that some of the street sleepers in Ya Ma Tei area have been assigned shelters by the government!  Hallelujah!

8th September 2014: Blessed Mid Autumn festival!  We are grateful to donors who sent us mooncake vouchers and mooncakes which we distributed to the hardworking elderly in wet markets and picking cardboards, as well as those living in nursing homes.  They truly appreciate these festive delicacies!

1st September 2014: With the approaching Mid Autumn festival, many of the more fortunate may receive too many mooncakes from business associates and families, and we are calling to support our cause of not wasting food and donating the excess to us.  Our targeted recipients are the elderly, low income families and homeless.

20th August 2014: Due to the lack of adequate drug rehab centers, we notice that some of the home for the aged (in more challenging areas) have been assigned by the government as a care center for those recovering from addictions including drugs and alcohol.  We visited a few of these homes and truly salute the nursing care staff.  Bless them!

7th August 2014: Received too many complimentary toiletries from hotel stays and airplane bags?  We have collected bags of toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos and bath gel and distributed to the street sleepers, particularly needed during the scotching summer

27th July 2014: The escalating cost of living has not only widened the gap between the rich and the poor, it has also forced several of our bread donors (restaurants and bakery stores) to close down, due to the increased rental costs. Devastating!

25th July 2014: Summer heat reaches decade high of 38 degrees celsius and humidity over 95%.  Despite this oppressive heat, many of the elderly living in small low-income housing estates prefer to sit outdoors during the day, as their cubicle-homes are oven baked.  We brought donated pastries (scones, apricot danish, muffins) to those sitting the parks or on concrete floors under some shades, and gave them a surprise picnic!

12th July 2014: Breaking the healthy bread loaves and feeding the elderly in nursing homes is one of our favourite activities!  Love is action.  We also believe in the healing nourishing power of the Bread of Life!

7th July 2014: CNN reported that Hong Kong’s dire state of housing: hundreds of thousands live in cramped shared compartments; a family of 3-4 lives in space no larger than a king-sized bed. Over 240,000 applicants on waitlist for additional public housing spots of a mere 20,000

4th July 2014: Always joyful to give breads and chit-chat with the 70+ year old man whom we have befriended for a few years.  He runs an outdoor small stall doing little steel work repairs. At nights he would pick empty cans and newspapers from garbage bins to sell for extra pennies.  Bless him!

2nd July 2014: We welcome our  newest bread donor Passion by Gerard Dubois in TST, Kowloon.  Thank you so much!

26th June 2014: In traditional Chinese wedding culture, the bride and groom will typically insert cake vouchers with the wedding invitations to guests. So often though, the guests forget to redeem these cake vouchers beyond the expiry dates. We are grateful to dear friend CK who collected this huge batch of cake/bread vouchers from friends and then sent to us, supporting our mission of reducing waste and helping the needy. We are particularly touched by the handwritten encouraging words. Thank you for your friendship and love!

15th June 2014: Happy Father’s Day!  The week leading to this day honouring fathers, fathers-to-be and grandfathers, we focussed more efforts on distributing breads to male residents in nursing homes as well as the unsung heroes working hard outdoors.  We also did some simple arm and leg exercises with the aged in nursing homes, with the hope to increase blood flow as many suffer from swollen feet and weak joints.

9th June 2014: Finished meeting with a global bakery chain of artisan high end breads (they are in nearly 40 cities!). They confessed that they discarded their unsold breads daily. Pray that they will consider donating these leftovers to us. This is the second time persuading them

26th May 2014: This heartfelt story is inspiring. There is a homeless man who lives in a mountain heap of garbage in a very rough neighborhood.  His make-shift home of canvas and cardboards in unique because he has erected a huge wooden cross in front. For the past few years, our communication has been through tiny holes in the canvas wall and packs of bread dropped off. No need to say more, just words of blessings and hello’s. But today, he came out of his cocoon, and shared his story. He is 67 years old (he looks like he is 40+, which is remarkable given the destitution he is living). He shared that he has accepted Christ and whenever he is anxious or sad, he will cry out to God at night! He said that the various “garbages” he had collected are treasure to him, e.g. “This broken bicycle! I fixed it and I resell it for good money!”.

So proud of him. Proud to call him a friend. Proud to be inspired by him as a hero.  ”Cast all your anxieties on me, for I care for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7

24th May 2014: Grateful to a donor who contributed savoury rice dumplings for distribution to the elderly in the nursing homes and working on the streets, celebrating the approaching Dragon Boat festival.

18th May 2014: The people who influence us the most are not those who detain us with their continual talk, but those who live their lives like the stars in the sky and “the lilies of the field”— simply and unaffectedly. Those are the lives that mold and shape us. – Oswald Chambers

3th May 2014: We are grateful to a group of families (parents with young children) who volunteered with us in our performance of Cantonese Mother-themed songs to over 300 elderly in two nursing homes, celebrating the approaching Mother’s Day.  One family even carried a heavy electronic piano for the performance!  We also shared 6 large boxes of donated muffins, fruit tarts and pastries (thanks for Four Seasons Hotel) with the elderly, who enjoyed the sweets while watching the performance.  Happy success!

2nd May 2014: In addition to our usual bread distribution, we war able to distribute hotel style mini soap bars to the street sleepers and homeless, particularly needed as the weather turns warm and humid.

1st May 2014: Many of the elderly continue to work, despite being Labour Day public holiday.  Thanks to Novotel Hotel, we received a bag of bananas that were too ripe for its kitchen, but perfect for the elderly with less than robust teeth.  Not to mention bananas are full of potassium and fiber!

20th April 2014: Joyful Easter, the Lord Jesus has risen!  ”Running Bread” raced in the 118th Boston marathon wearing Giving Bread logo, spreading the message of love and compassion, particularly fitting in Boston as the year of restoration and healing in the aftermath of bombings last year.  We pray for peace.  ”There is no fear in perfect love.” – 1 John 4:18

13th April 2014: Blessed Palm Sunday, a week before Easter!  Much appreciation abound as we distributed supermarket vouchers and bread redemption coupons to the male and female residents of a homeless shelter which we have been visiting for nearly 4 years.  Several of them are ill with terminal diseases, while some are new immigrations.  We did a prayer with them, and shared words of blessings.

30th March 2014: Hong Kong experienced one of the scariest rainstorms, with hailstones (ice pellets) the size of golf balls, winds over 100kmh, and black storm piercing through roofs of a shopping mall, and floods recorded in several subway stations.  Our prayers go to the street sleepers, and several homeless friends have their belongings all washed out from the underpass and sidewalks where they call home.

24th March 2014: We are grateful to Havilogistics, which has been helping us in one of our route on transportation for bread collection and distribution.  Its CEO, Bill O’Brien, is an avid car racer, and he carried Giving Bread logo on his race car, raising awareness to our cause of reducing food waste and feeding the needy.  He came in first in Zhuhai, China, in the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival!  We are so thrilled!

2nd March 2014: Our Founder ran in the Ultra Caballo Blanco race, wearing Giving Bread bib, in the remote Copper Canyon of Mexico.  This ultra marathon race with the famous Tarahumara tribes, who was catapulted to super athlete status from the book “Born to Run”.

14th Feb 2014: Happy Valentine’s Day! We celebrated love by bringing delicious cakes and pastries for the aged living in nursing homes, reminding them that God is love and Jesus loves them.

5th Feb 2014: Continuing the Chinese New Year festivities, we visit many elderly in nursing homes, in low income housing housing estates and the homeless, bringing packs of goodies, as well as Chinese New Year red packs (“lai lee) filled with bread/cake vouchers, with the mission to bring joy and blessings

1st Feb 2014: WOW!  2nd day of Chinese New Year, and we are blessed that over 20 friends and families from our bible study came to join us to collect 60 kg of donated breads, and distribute to the elderly sitting in public parks and in old folks’ homes.  What a beautiful way to usher the Year of the Horse!

31st Jan 2014: “Their horses are swifter than leopards And keener than wolves in the evening. Their horsemen come galloping, Their horsemen come from afar; They fly like an eagle swooping down to devour.” – Habakkuk 1:8

A prosperous Chinese New Year celebrating Year of the Horse, full of abundance in health and wealth!

26th Jan 2014: Preparing festive words of blessings as well as Chinese New Year packs of goodies for distribution!

20th Jan 2014: It is heartbreaking to know that majority of the elderly staying in nursing homes will celebrate the approaching Chinese New Year in the nursing homes, and not with relatives and families.  Their children will not even consider taking their aging parents back home for a few days to enjoy the important Chinese New Year festivities.  The remaining elderly are those who have been abandoned by families.  Not sure which case is more devastatingly sad.  This spurs us to drum up more joyful visits to them

7th Jan 2014: Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men – Col 3:23

2nd Jan 2014: Had a long chat with a homeless man (“Mr. H”) who stays in a homeless shelter. Mr. H is 68 years old and suffered from a stroke, and late stage lung cancer. He spent all his savings on medical fees, and now he is forced to move to a homeless shelter. His wife stays in the adjacent female shelter while his 40+ year old son stays on the top bunker bed above his. Despite living on shoe string budget, he has a grateful heart to The Lord and told numerous stories of how compassionate doctors waive their fees to operate on him, and how he and his family are blessed recipients of prayers and kindness. What a sunshine in this cold night! What hope in the otherwise desperate situation! Let’s start 2014 with a grateful heart.  Be blessed.

1st Jan 2014: A New Year prayer of blessings and abundance for our bread donors, volunteers, supporters and friends! May 2014 bring clearer direction, smoother paths, more laughters and genuine relationships!

28th Dec 2013: We are so encouraged by many volunteers bringing their children with them to give love and care.  Love is contagious – these families are also bringing other family friends to volunteer with us!  Lovely!

26th Dec 2013: Boxing day!  We received donated hand-made cake pops which we distributed, together with some hot meals, to the homeless staying in a street sleeper shelter as well as the hardworking elderly picking cardboards and working in wet markets even during public holidays

25th Dec 2013: For unto us a child is born… He shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace – Isaiah 9:6

24th Dec 2013: We continued our distribution of Christmas packs of gingerbreads, cookies, and many delectable goodies.  These packs were specially packed with colourful ribbons, with the hope to bring joy to the less fortunate recipients including street sleepers and elderly in nursing homes

23rd Dec 2013: We hosted a small Christmas party with donated pastries in a rehab home for the mentally disabled.  The residents and care staff were delighted to receive Christmas packs of assorted candies and cookies; many savoured them immediately!

21st Dec 2013: An eventful day of Christmas givings!  We collected 20kg of breads and distributed to a large group of elderly in a public market in Sham Shui Po.  We also distributed Christmas gifts to children of single parent and broken families.  We visited several elderly homes and two homeless shelters, in addition to giving Christmas packs to the street sleepers

20th Dec 2013: Wonderful to offer pastries, pantenone cakes and Christmas goodies for a Christmas party for children from single parent and low income families in Tuen Mun area

19th Dec 2013: Prepared pretty Christmas packs (gingerbread, festive cookies) for distribution to the needy as well as Christmas presents for the staff working for our bread donors, nursing homes and homeless shelters

16th Dec 2013: We hosted a small Christmas party in a all-female care home for the mentally challenged, with scones and pastries donated by our weekly donor Peninsula Hotel.  We also prepared little Christmas packs of candies, chocolates and cookies for the patients, which brought them much laughs and joy!  We pray for healing for their mental ailments.  Most of them are victims of family stress and relationship setbacks

14th Dec 2013: We kick-start the spirit of Christmas with Christmas caroling by children from 3 to 14 years old, bringing songs of joy and good news of Christ to the aged living in nursing homes.  We also do gospel sharing about the meaning of Christmas to the homeless and elderly

7th Dec 2013: We notice a rise in the number of street sleepers, due to the impossibly high cost of living particularly housing

15th Nov 2013: We are encouraged to have an increase number of parents volunteering with their children on a regular basis

6th Oct 2013: “We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.” – Mother Teresa

1st Oct 2013: Medical studies have shown that acts of kindness increase the serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a natural chemical in the bodies responsible for uplifting our moods. Kindness is contagious and activates a cascade of positive energies! Happy days!

29th Sept 2013: We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach. If it is encouraging, let him encourage. If it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously. – Romans 12:6-7

17th Sept 2013: During festivities such as Mid Autumn festival, many of us receive too many hampers and moon cakes beyond our consumption.  We are calling for everyone to reduce food wastage and donate the excess to us, as the marginalized (particularly the elderly) really appreciate these expensive delicacies.  We are thrilled that several people have responded to our plea, and have pooled resources with their office colleagues and friends and sent many leftover mooncakes to us!  We are also grateful to donors who sent mooncake vouchers to us, which we gave to low income families and the aged living alone.

9th Sept 2013: For the two weeks ushering the Mid Autumn festivities, we are busy decorating rainbow paper lanterns in nursing homes, bringing fun and colours to their sterile environment.  We are distributing mooncakes as well to the needy.

23rd Aug 2013: South China Morning Post reports that Hong Kong’s elderly (>65 years old) makes up 1/3 of its population and is among the poorest in developed world. They cannot spend freely as they do not know how long they would have to make their small savings last and whether inflation will reduce their pot. The city lacks basic universal pension for the retired

20th August 2013: We are thrilled to announce our newest bread donor  - Bread Elements!  It was wonderful to visit the bakery and do a prayer of thanksgiving and blessings for all the talented chefs in this new bakery

3rd August 2013: Happiness is being able to give love through breads and bread vouchers, as well as partnering with a ministry in New Territories that organized an excursion out to Noah’s Ark, a theme park, for 120 parents and children from low income housing estates. Most of them cannot afford to visit many of the city’s sites. What a wonderful day!

24th July 2013: Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. – 1 Peter 4:8-10

22nd July 2013: It is more blessed to give than receive – Acts 20:35
SCMP reports that volunteers in social work reported the greatest increases in empathy, as well as improvements in mental health and altruistic and even cardiovascular health

9th July 2013: Today we are so honoured to have our oldest volunteer join us in our bread collection, packing and distribution to a nursing home.  Thank you to the amazing 85-year-old uncle Wong from Sabah, Malaysia, who volunteered with his son Kah Shen.  Showing love and care for the marginalized and lonely is not limited to age, nationality and background!  We are so encouraged!

28th June 2013: South China Morning Post reports that Hong Kong’s dead have more space to lie down than some of its living. A small room in Sham Shui Po has been divided into 17 cubicles, measuring 2 feet by 6 feet (compared with an average coffin of 2.3 feet by 7 feet). Rent for each cubicle costs HK$1,500 (US$200), with residents sleeping sideways, legs curled up inorder to fit into the cubicle as part of the bed is used for storing some basic necessities

27th June 2013: “Today it is very fashionable to talk about the poor. Unfortunately, it is not fashionable to talk with them. We need to start talking with them. The poor are my friends and family.” – Mother Teresa

19th June 2013: We are thrilled to announce two new bread donors: Cafe Deadend and Po’s Atelier, in Noho, which donate their leftover artisan breads to us, so these precious breads will not be discarded into the garbage bins but can help feed the marginalized!

21st May 2013: South China Morning Post reports that Hong Kong plans to cut 40% rubbish per person in landfills in less than 10 years.  The city state faces challenges as the city’s daily waste per capita is one of the highest. In Hong Kong: 1.36kg waste per person per day; Tokyo: 0.77kg; Seoul: 0.95kg

17th May 2013: as we usher in summer, the punishing hot and humid weather has caused the street sleepers much agony as several were plagued with bites from mosquitoes, termites and maggots

28th March 2013: Have a blessed Good Friday and Easter Sunday, celebrating Lord Jesus Christ has risen!  We are doing Easter story telling with colourful pictorial Chinese illustrations during our bread distribution to nursing homes, with hope of showing, physically through breads and spiritually through Jesus, the bread of life!

27th March 2013: We are so grateful to our latest donor La Rose Noire Bakery in ThreeSixty Supermarket store in Elements Mall, West Kowloon, for donating hearty bread loaves (wholewheat, soft buns, raisin walnut breads etc) that allow us to feed the homeless, low income families and elderly in Mongkok, Sham Shui Po and Yau Ma Tei areas

25th March 2013: We feel so touched by the friendships of residents in street sleepers’ homes who show gratitude for the packs of breads, and that we came in the name of Jesus.  Have mercy on them, praying for their health, and that they can find good jobs so they can leave the homeless lives

22nd March 2013: We are thrilled to announce our newest donor CAFFE HABITU, which will be donating pastries and cakes from its numerous restaurants and cafes!

4th March 2013: Financial Times reports that Oxfam said in a study that several banks are “speculating on hunger” through their trading activities in agricultural commodities.  Oxfam is conducting investigations on several European banks and insurers to examine the degree to which these institutions speculate in food commodities, resulting in rising global food prices

2nd March 2013: We are excited to be collaborating with Hope of the City to distribute 100 “love packs” (breads and other food goodies) to low income families in Sham Shui Po

1st March 2013: We want to extend our gratitude to our newest bread donor – LRN Bakery in Wellcome Supermarket on Caine Road, Midlevels

20th Feb 2013: Apart from the financial challenges faced by a society of an aging population, the longevity of the elderly averaging 90 means their children are in their 60s, unable to take care of them.  This means more care services are needed!

10th Feb 2013: Happy Chinese New Year!  Ushering in the Year of the Snake, we continue to distribute breads and pastries to elderly homes, homeless shelters, drug addicts on rehabs, street sleepers and low income families.  We also prepare red packets to give to the needy, containing cake and bread vouchers and grocery redemption coupons.  We are so grateful to donors who sent us these cake vouchers during the year that we saved and collected for distribution in this auspicious festivities

27th Jan 2013: South China Morning Post reports that 1/3 of the elderly in Hong Kong lives below poverty line!

25th Jan 2013: We are encouraged by healing and deliverance stories of ex-drug addicts and street sleepers whom we have become friends for several years, distributing breads and showing care to them.  Praise Jesus for He is the bread of life!

19th Jan 2013: South China Morning Post reports that waiting list for government subsided homes for the elderly takes up to 50 years: last month 28,692 people on waiting list for 570 new places rolled out per month. Some 6,000 elderly died per year waiting for the care homes

19th Jan 2013: We are thrilled to kick-start collection today, our newest bread donor: La Rose Noire Bakery in Oliver’s Superstore in Prince Building.  We are also so grateful to have a group of 6-7 families who will be in helping in this new cell group, volunteering with spouses and children on Saturday afternoon

25th Dec 2012: Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. – Luke 2:10-11

24th Dec 2012: Our regular donors La Rose Noire bakery in Landmark and Four Seasons Hotel are donating Christmas goodies such as cookies and gingerbreads before they are discarded after the festivities.  They make lovely presents for the street sleepers and homeless!  Ribbons and special packagings make any lonely sad soul smile

21st Dec 2012: Happy Winter Solstice festival, where the locals celebrate with family dinners, and eat a sweet soup of sticky rice balls (“tang yuan”).  Thanks to Burning Lotus Designs Ltd for donating 100 thermal flasks,  we prepare piping hot soups and porridge to distribute to the street sleepers, as they have no family dinners to go to, and this season is cold and wet

13th Dec 2012: Many of these 80+ and 90+ year old elderly who still do hard labour to support their livelihood live alone. An observation is that many of them use safety pins when buttons fell off, since their aged eyesights make it impossible for them to do any sewing. Hence a mission in addition to distributing breads is to go around with a sewing kit and mend the clothes of these strong lovely ladies on the spot!

4th Dec 2012: South China morning Post reports that Hong Kong government hopes to cut food waste by 10% in three years. Currently food waste constitutes 40% of the city’s solid waste and most of it are dumped in landfills, which are expensive and this congested city is running out of space

15th Nov 2012: Salute to the numerous 80+ year old elderly women who continue to work in this wet rainy season, picking, dragging and re-selling collected heavy used cardboards for a living.  The average daily wage is about HK$ 30 (US$ 3.50), completely inadequate to sustain livelihood in this expensive city.  This group is one of our top priority to distribute breads to

15th Oct 2012: According to a report by The Standard, 32.7% of elderly in Hong Kong are afflicted by poverty due to lack of support by their children.  An astonishing 54% live alone or just with their spouses

7th Oct 2012: “So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase.” – 1 Corinthians 3:7

We are grateful to Jesus who continues to multiply the number of bread donors.  We welcome two new bread donors: La Rose Noire Bakery in 24hour Wellcome in Causeway Bay and La Rose Noire Bakery in Marketplace by Jason in Repulse Bay.  Much gratitude to this amazing generous donor who has supported our cause faithfully.  Bless them with success and prosperity!

24th September 2012: Festive Waste Management

* As we usher in Mid Autumn festival, please spare a thought on reducing food wastage
* Every year, massive amounts of un-eaten or half eaten moocakes are discarded; yet at the same time, there are marginalized families on tight budgets which cannot afford these traditional mooncakes
* Stress on the environment is also significant due to the lavish packaging of tin boxes, plastic wraps, plastic cartons, cardboards, hampers and wrapping paper
* Such festive waste burdens the landfills and aggravates greenhouse warming due to emission of carbon dioxide from the incineration

12th July 2012: South China Morning Post Cover Story: July 12, 2012 – LEFTOVER REVOLUTION

* some bakery and supermarkets have been deliberately spoiling or contaminating foods before dumping them, to avoid giving the leftovers to charities
* amount of foods discarded everyday is 29 tonnes, 1/3 still edible, enough to feed 150,000 persons everyday
* food wastage from banquets is 2.5 million tables per year of lavish foods
* Giving Bread serves as a conduit, tapping surplus foods from bread donors and give to the poor such as cage homes, street sleepers and elderly homes
* Each bread pack bears a sticker with a bilingual quote from the bible

9th June 2012: home visits to housing estates of single parent families on welfare, often as a result of abandonment by husbands due to alcoholism or physical abuse.  Also play events with these children living in marginalized environment

8th June 2012: sent 500 packs of breads and pastries to a neighbourhood care charity based in Tsuen Wan that ministers to the residents there including low income families and recovering triad members and drug addicts

9th May 2012: sweltering summer heat and humidity are suffocating for the street sleepers and homeless, who are found sleeping topless by the side streets and bushes, feeding on scraps from garbage bins.  There is much sadness in the dark nights of this glittering city

7th May 2012: we visited a caring center for the mentally disabled persons.  Average age is 22, only female residents.  Some are born with the mental problems; others as a result of depression or trauma or excessive drug use

7th May 2012: we welcome our newest donor – The Kowloon Hotel in Tsim Sha Shui.  Today we kick-started the weekly collection from their lobby coffee corner with two full bags of sponge cakes (perfect for the elderly!), danish and croissants.  Big thank you!

13th April 2012: We are so blessed to receive wholesome home-made cake pops from a donor, which we distributed to a street sleeper shelter consisting of 80 residents

8th April 2012: He is risen, just as He said. – Matthew 28:6  Happy Easter!  During the holy week, we were blessed by volunteers taking their families (spouses and children) with them on the visits to elderly and nursing homes.  Its so encouraging to see love in action and charity giving starting young.

23rd March 2012: two more weeks to Good Friday.  We begin our Easter countdown by preparing a story book and making fun interactive presentations to the elderly people and homeless about the meaning of Good Friday and Easter.  The presentation kits are in Chinese, colourful and pictorial with the aim for easy understanding of the gospel even for the illiterate

14th Feb 2012: to spread the message of love on Valentine’s Day, we bought candies and chocolates and packed them into sweet “love packs” and distributed to the residents of a street sleepers’ shelter.  Each pack carries the message: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it keeps no record of wrongs.” – 1 Cor 13:4-5
“愛 是 恆 久 忍 耐 , 又 有 恩 慈 ; 愛 是 不 嫉 妒 ; 愛 是 不 自 誇 , 不 張 狂 , 不 計 算 人 的 惡” – 歌 林 多 前 書 13:4-5

27th Jan 2012: one of our mission is to identify and give breads to the elderly picking up garbages and used cardboards for a living.  Our observation is average age is over 80 years old, female, living alone.  Daily income is HK$ 30 (US$ 3.50)

23rd Jan 2012: Year of the Dragon!  Chinese New Year is particularly important to Chinese, where families and relatives reunite for feasting, home visits, and giving out money packs.  It is humbling and sobering when we visited the Street Sleepers shelters where the homeless had no family celebrations to go to, and were freezing in the nights which had been cold and damp

26th Dec 2011:He will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” – Isaiah 9:6

25th Dec 2011: I bring you good news that will cause great joy.  Today a saviour has been born; He is Christ the Lord” – Luke 2:10-11

24th Dec 2011: Christmas Eve’s large volunteer event.  Praise the Lord!  Over 50 volunteers (adults and children) signed up for the event.  We were able to distribute 200 Christmas presents (breads and cookies) to two elderly homes in Kowloon, as well as the people sitting in the cold in public parks in Yau Ma Tei.  We sang Christmas carols indoors and outdoors, hoping to bring joy to everyone.  It was an amazing experience

23rd Dec 2011: We sent 180 packs of Christmas goodies with (special Christmas packaging and messages) to Neighbourhood Care Foundation in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, to minister to low income/single parent families, homeless and broken families.  We also distributed Christmas goodies to the vulnerables on suicide watch, drug addicts, triads and sex workers

19th Dec 2011: We had our first Christmas caroling – three of our wonderful volunteers took their children aged 5 to 6 on our regular Monday lunchtime visits to two elderly homes and the adorable and courageous children sang Christmas songs to the grandpas and grandmas there.  So super CUTE!

15th Dec 2011: Many thanks to King’s Bakery store in Happy Valley as our newest bread donor!

8th Dec 2011: We are thankful that Classified restaurant has been donating wholesome breads from its Star Street and Hollywood Road stores. Now it confirmed that it will also be donating breads, croissants and muffins from its newer stores in Happy Valley and Tai Hang Road. We are thrilled by this extended partnership in the common mission of reducing waste and showing care for the underprivileged. Thank you!

11th November 2011: A simple meal with love is better than a feast where there is hatred. – Proverbs 15:17

20th October 2011: We welcome our youngest volunteer to date: 5-year-old Nicholas, who visited an elderly home in Kowloon with his mum Germaine, after helping to pack bread buns and croissants into individual packages.  Act of giving and showing care starts young!  We are so encouraged

24th September 2011: We welcome a new hotel bread donor – Novotel Hotel Nathan Road Kowloon

14th September 2011: Do you know that the amount of food thrown away from banquets in Hong Kong has risen by 300% in the past decade?  Rice discarded at landfills last year alone was enough to feed half a million people

13th September 2011: According to a survey by environmental protection group Green Power, over two million mooncakes are discarded every year in Hong Kong, enough to cover 25 basketball courts

11th September 2011: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!  We are immensely grateful to the generosity of Kee Wah Bakery for donating 25,000 pieces of mooncakes which we distribute to over 200 elderly homes and homeless shelters

18th August 2011: According to a study by Oxfam, one in six poor families in Hong Kong are frequently hungry and their lives are made even bleaker by rising food prices.  Many of the children said they only had dinner once every 3 nights.  “We did not expect such a situation would emerge in Hong Kong”, said Oxfam at the shocking findings.  The households in the state of “low food security” spent at least 40% of their income on food (compared with 20% for average households).  81% of poor families ate leftover or past-its-use expired food.

12th August 2011: Today we are excited at the collaboration with Bank Julius Baer Hong Kong that has initiated to its staff a ”Bring a loaf of breads to work today” to give to the needy and neglected.  The staff responded with compassionate hearts and donated 300 packs of breads to Sham Shui Po area where we distributed to two locations: an Association for the homeless and cages homes, and an elderly home with two locations (100 frail elderly living in its Home in Sham Shui Po and 200 elderly in Kwai Chung, New Territories)

9th August 2011: Here are findings based on recent survey by the Hong Kong Research Association on children from families on welfare or subsidies: 12% simply want a birthday cake but parents could not afford; 60% has never been to The Peak; 63% could not afford special foods during festivities such as Mid Autumn’s mooncakes; 34% need a computer; 55% hope to visit the HK Space Museum one day

8th August 2011: Crowded cage homes made Sham Shui Po district with the highest tuberculosis rate in Hong Kong.  Average summer temperature inside the cramped compartments could reach 41 degrees celsius, 10 degrees more than outdoors.  Dwellers use wet towels to cover their heads and sleep on dirty floors – SCMP 8 Aug 2011

2nd August 2011: South China Morning Post reports that sales of fish and poultry fell for a third consecutive month in June (15.2% in volume) as local consumers cut down on food and basic items due to rising inflation.  However mainland tourists continued to splurge on luxury items such as electronics, jewelleries and expensive handbags (up 28.8% year-on-year in value in June).  This imported spending power is driving up Hong Kong rents to one of the world’s highest.  The HK Retail Management Association expressed concern at this growing spending gap and that they have “never seen a trend like this in the past decade”.

26th July 2011: visits to homeless shelters left us with good impression.  Many are well run by charitable organizations such as Street Sleepers’ Shelter Society, Christian Concern for Homeless Association and Salvation Army.  The facilities are typically opened only after 6pm for sleepover and residents must vacate by 9am the following morning for sanitation and cleaning.  The bunker beds are clean and airy; however there may not be adequate beds available for the homeless population as cost of living rises

12th July 2011: giving breads are important to nourish our bodies but we believe spiritual well-being are perhaps even more pertinent.  Apart from the encouraging notes we print on each pack of breads, we like to engage in games and activities with the elderly such as drawings, story telling, excursions etc.  Some of the larger elderly homes have simple exercise equipments to work on finger and arm muscles

1st June 2011: to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Festival), we are giving out rice dumplings in addition to our distribution of breads, thanks to generous individual donors!

21st April 2011: Holy Week – Special bread distribution together with story telling at elderly home about the meaning of Good Friday and Easter Sunday

19th April 2011: We are grateful to Kee Wah Bakery being our latest bread donor! Founded in 1938, Kee Wah Bakery has grown from a small grocery shop to thousands of shops in Hong Kong, China, North America, Japan etc. Kee Wah’s commitment to Giving Bread extends not only DAILY donation of breads and pastries, but also offering free delivery of their goodies to our volunteer’s collection point!  We are overwhelmed!

12th April 2011: A very big THANK YOU to our generous donor Allan Cheung who donated 60,000 specially printed plastic bags which are used for packaging the breads (the scripture words are now directly printed on the plastic)

7th April 2011: we are grateful to a new bread donor: Novotel Century Hotel, which also wrote about their charitable acts for Giving Bread in WOM

1st April 2011: Giving Bread mentioned in Opinion Column “Do We Care for the Less Fortunate?” in Baccarat magazine April 2011

20th March 2011: Giving Bread featured in Cuisine & Wine Asia Volume 13 Issue 11

18th March 2011: Praise the Lord for a miraculous harvest! In one week, we usher in several new donors: 5 hotels, 2 restaurants and 1 bakery!

Hotels: Harbour Grand Kowloon in Hunghom; Regal Kowloon Hotel in TST East; Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hotel in TST East, ; Harbour Plaza in Quarry Bay and Harbour Grand HK in North Point.

Restaurants: FINDS, the only Nordic restaurant in Pearl Delta River area; and Sevva, a classy restaurant in Central with 360 degree view of HK skyline.

Bakery: La Rose Noire extended one more store (in addition to the Landmark’s ThreeSixty store) for our collection: Marketplace by Jason in the new iSquare mall in TST Kowloon

10th March 2011: Giving Bread featured in Hong Kong Chef Newsletter Issue 103 Feb/March 2011

8th March 2011: We welcome 4 new bread donors: the pristine Peninsula Hotel; a boutique hotel Lanson Place, a neighbourhood local bakery Four Season Dessert & Bread Shop in Sheung Wan and 208 Duecento Otto, an Italian restaurant

15th Feb 2011: Hong Kong’s 2010 GDP per capita is US$ 45,000, ahead of Switzerland, Germany and Japan. Its gap between rich and poor is the HIGHEST in the world, according to United Nations Development Program


Feb 2011:

During major festivities like Chinese New Year, neglected and lonely people especially the elderly are particularly vulnerable to depression and suicides.  Overwhelmed with compassion, Giving Bread distributed breads, Nian Gao and lai see packs almost everyday for two weeks during Chinese New Year holiday period.  Visited cage homes, elderly homes, elderly housing estates, homeless shelters and nursery centers.  Also gave bread and laisee packs to elderly sitting in the cold in the public parks and outdoor areas.

Jan 2011:

Giving Bread featured in WOM Guide.

Jan 2011:

Received the largest donation from a single donor: >3,000 croissants from FB Solutions, thanks to the boss Etienne Gad!  They were given to elderly homes in Shatin, Yuen Long, Sham Shui Po and various elderly nursery care centers in New Territories.

Jan 2011:

Several new bread donors came on board including several major restaurant groups.  Praise the Lord!

Jan 2011:

Giving Bread invited to a radio show with renowned pastry Chef and author Gregoire Michaud to talk about how to reduce food wastage in Hong Kong and help feed the needy.  Chef Gregoire gave Giving Bread her first professional bread cutting knife!  Thank you!

Dec 2010:

Special Christmas message and packaging for Christmas goodies for the elderly.  Breads and cookies.  Out of town friends on holidays here volunteered in distribution.

Dec 2010:

Visited cage home.  Witnessed first-hand how humans live in conditions much worse than domestic dogs, and yet the rents are the highest per square foot in Hong Kong, possibly even the world!  Heart broken and grieved at the plight of these poor neglected elderly.

Nov 2010:

Discussion with Four Seasons Hotel for its donation of breads and pastries to Giving Bread!  Credit goes to Pastry Chef Gregoire Michaud for believing in it and pushing all the red tapes to make it happened!

Sep 2010:

Founder of Giving Bread went on solo distributions of breads to housing estates and public parks in Shau Kei Wan.  Apprehensive in the beginning, but very humbled and emotional after the distribution.  To receive is humility.

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